Terry Ann Tomlinson



Hidden behind a colonial facade in the historic center of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is a minimal contemporary light filled space. The gallery, which Terry Tomlinson designed, mirrors the minimalist beauty and tranquility of her art. It is a harmonious blend of subtle tones of whites, grays and neutrals, different textures in concrete, steel beams and white cantera floors, softened with a touch of old wood doors.

The entrance is an open space with a Koi pond and waterfall. On the side walls you begin to appreciate Terry’s art.”Papeles Transformados”, for instance, is a water sculpture which is cast with over one thousand sheets of paper which she made from cotton and alfalfa. Its structure allows water to pass through the cast paper columns.

Once inside the gallery, the open spaces and high ceilings offer an unobstructed view of the art. A very important element to Terry is light. Huge windows and skylights open the path to the light which radiates through her and her work.

Come visit the gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico from November to end of April.

The Gallery

Medusae Installation - 8' x 12' x 12"

Solo Exhibitions (selection)